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gumstix.org December 3, 2005

Posted by Al in : clever,computers,gadget,robots , trackback

Yesterday I blogged the tiny Gumstix computer (here) which is a marvel of miniaturisation. I received a comment on this pointing me to gumstix.org where I’m not sure what to be more amazed by:-
– the robotic fish is actually very realistic and rather cool;
– on the other hand you have the world’s smallest flying webserver. Now I don’t want to be negative but why would you want your web server to fly?

The blurb says “These two projects are exploring ways of getting a group of small aircraft to fly like a flock of birds, while at the same time performing non-trivial task-related distributed computation across a wireless network. ” – once again why? I can understand attempting to model flocking behaviour (after all I use digg and del.icio.us) but why would you want your little artificial birds to also perform “non-trivial task-related distributed computation”. Can’t they just enjoy being part of the flock and leave the earth-bound servers to feel they are doing some good by doing that work?


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