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Happiness, happiness… my work here is done November 8, 2005

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I’ve finally managed to finish integrating my blog and my website – which is Good News!

However this now shows up the shabbiness of the rest of my website – which is Bad News.

Still, I can’t mope as I’ve done quite a lot of work today, some of it during work (getting the colour scheme more coherent) and more of it at home where I managed to cobble together some nice Javascript. Now if you attempt to open an item from my blog directly it will load itself contained in my website, also the Home link will now open up my website with my Blog loaded. Now that’s actually pretty cool and turned out to be a lot easier than I first thought, if only I had noticed I’d missed out a closing bracket earlier in the ecening then I would have managed to get an early night’s sleep. Never mind – I’m off to bed in a minute or two.

Things still to do:

You’ll notice that that list is all site related, rather than Blog related. Which means I will only be able to do this from home as in work we are running IE5.5 – thisis not good enough for me to access files through 1and1’s web interface (5.5 doesn’t deal with CSS and XML correctly so will no format their pages to allow access) and FTP access is restricted to our own FTP site only. Ah well – I’ll just have to think up stuff in work and then do it when I get home.

Still – I’m chuffed with what I’ve done so far.


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