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More updates to this Blog November 7, 2005

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I’ve now added hidden comments, so that if you click on the link at the bottom that tells you a post has 1, or more, comments then these will be displayed there and then. This is quite cool but has taken some time as the sidebar (on the right) kept disappearing to the bottom of the page and I couldn’t work out why. When I fully understand XML, and more importantly CSS, then I will have a go at resolving this.

Since making this change, and getting the Sidebar to stay in place, then I’ve been trying to change the colour scheme of the blog to match the rest of my site. I’ve decided to go with the magenta colour instead of the yellow as it would be just a little bit garish if everything went yellow. However the same story here – I get half way through changing everything and then the sidebar moves again. I need to make a small set of changes and then save that template before moving on to the next set of changes to allow me to work out what is causing this.

Still – getting there.


1. Al - November 7, 2005

And here’s a comment to play with – Hoorah!