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Alonline.org November 3, 2005

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Phew! I’ve just spent 4 or 5 hours working out a redesign of this site, which means I may actually start to update some of it’s content soon. The time was spent in working out the Javascript required to rewrite the heading in the top frame so that it represented the page loaded in the main frame below. After a load of problems it turns out that my initial idea was just about correct but I hadn’t been able to tell due to my browser caching the old frames! Firefox is quite good in this respect as it allows you to reload the content of a frame specifically rather than just the frameset, so I finally tracked down the problem and then rewrote the Javascript again.

This site itself is looking a little bit better now, although I need to find the time to remove the grey marl effect from the flash navigation on the left, add this Blog into that navigation, make sure that every link relates to a page, remove a load of crap left behind after several failed developments and generally tidy it all up. Once that’s done then I can start adding some more content. Until that time this Blog will be my contribution to new stuff.


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