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First Blogger bug November 2, 2005

Posted by Al in : personal,website , trackback

Since I have started this Blog I’ve rather enjoyed having it around. It’s not something that I need in anyway, but it’s now very easy to post links to pages I find and to just note anything of interest to me. I have posted every day so far but I’m not sure whether that will continue in future, or whether my interest will wane. One thing I have discovered though is how easy it is to use Blogger, and once you have the cookies in your browser and a link to “Blog this” in your quick links then every page is only a click away from being blogged.

But today I came across my first bug with Blogger – it will not republish my entire Blog as it keeps getting stuck on 65%. This is not a major issue as it just means that older posts will not have exactly the same template as newer posts (check out my new Footer which is on newer pages but not on Archived pages). Checking the Help section showed that this was a known issue, so I’m not worried that some posts have disappeared, but still a bit of a pain for me and, I should imagine, a serious pain for anyone with a large blog if they decide to reformat the entire blog. However I have to forgive such a small fault for the rest of the service.


After saying all that above then this post will not publish now. Just publishing an individual post and not the entire blog and sticking at 50%. Hmmmm!


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