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Zipcar – the best way to share transport June 15, 2007

Posted by Al in : clever,motoring,transport , trackback

This is such a cool idea, I just don’t think they’ll make it to Swansea anytime soon, unfortunately. Anyway, the idea is simple: Zipcar has lots of cars parked around each city, you join the service and reserve a car for a certain period. When you show your Zipcar card to a Zipcar car parked nearby, it unlocks it’s doors and you drive it away. You can rent cars by the hour, or day, and there are different types of vehicle available to allow you to choose what type of transport you might need on a certain day. Clever, simple, economic and environmentally friendly – what more can you ask for?


1. Bishop - June 15, 2007

We have a very similiar thing running in Holland.

Especially in Amsterdam where there is no where to park on the Canals, 2 companies “Greenwheels” and “ConnectCar” have bought car park spaces, you register with them, book the car closest to you on line and then go to a pay and display like machine with your 10 digit code and off you go.

Such a simple but rewarding way to beat parking problems and the need for a car 24/7

2. Avinash - July 20, 2007

We recently launched a new company called Sunday that is very beneficial to Zipcar users. You can store your login details in the Sunday Portal and our team of agents can help you reserve a car real time. You can interact with them via email or phone. Use the promo code “zipcar” for a free month trial.

We do a whole bunch more stuff for our customers, too.