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Bill Gates: good guy – Steve Jobs: bad guy June 1, 2007

Posted by Al in : computers,people , trackback

It’s been known for a long time that Bill Gates, and his wife, are keen to give their vast fortunes away to worthy causes. Although I have reported in the past that the charities their foundation support may not be the best, they are still committed to giving away their fortune to charities. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, has no such intention, and is more interested in amassing his own personal wealth. You can read more about this here, and then you can read the comments. I would assume that the comments standing up for Steve Jobs come from Mac fans, as they all slate Gates. However, these Mac fans ought to pay attention to what their idol is up to – as Steve Jobs is just interested in his own personal fortune, whilst Bill gates is more interested in getting rid of his.


1. David Pearce - June 23, 2007

It’s so easy to jude someone when you have no concept of what it is to be able to run New York on your own with your own income for 6 months before it starts to eat into you financially. This is the situation that Bill Gates is in. Let’s get something clear, how much money does Gates have? If he wanted to he could build desalination plants around africa and have fresh water pumped from the sea to all area’s of the sahara he could turn a desert into a meadow. Now, I am not knocking Gates as I think that he is a decent enough of a fellow but I think he could be doing more. As far as Jobs is concerned I do not know the guy but what I do know is that when he is at the helm at apple possitive things happen. It is a fact that 20 percent of the world hold 80 percent of the wealth and that 80 percent live in poverty. Our entire way of thinking has to change if we are going to make it out of the 21st century and this is far bigger than gates of jobs.