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A plastic desert in the Pacific ocean May 30, 2007

Posted by Al in : nature,scary , trackback

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there is a huge gyre, or whirlpool-like current, which has managed to snare the majority of plastic waste dumped into the Pacific Ocean over the years. This gyre is now full of polluting plastic components, which are probably contaminating the fish stocks of the Pacific, as well as deforming other wildlife. This article is actually quite scary, as plastic in a landfill is a problem for the future, but plastic in the oceans is a problem for today. Given that this plastic waste is outside of most countries’ jurisdiction, I don’t want to think about how long it will remain at large, contaminating all the sea creatures who would normally roam a pristine ocean environment.


1. n warden - June 15, 2007

if this floating flotsam mess is so huge then why aren’t there pictures of it – from the air showing its size.
i can’t find a thing showing it.
hard to believe it really exists as a mass even tho it would be a reasonable thing to happen.
just a picture to make it real?