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Singapore pwns Australia May 4, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,politics , trackback

Singapore is very small when compared to Australia. It’s only 270 square mile, whilst Australia is 3,000,000 square mile. Singapore has a population of just 4 million whilst Australia has 18 million. And so it continues, with Australia being bigger and better than Singapore in just about every way. However, when it comes to money Singapore rules Australia – literally. The Singapore government owns over $28 billion of Australia – which is a lot. It’s amazing what a hard working, small country can do when the larger country is happy to sell off all it’s assets.


1. edge - May 4, 2007

yes, that’s correct but this does not shows the full picture. In Australia they have a much better balance between life and work, and everyone has access to the resources. While in Singapore only the member’s of the prime minister family have access to the gold.