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EU to end speedy autobahns March 13, 2007

Posted by Al in : motoring,politics , trackback

The bloody miserable, and over bureaucratic EU has managed to do it again. Where many German governments have failed in the past, the EU may just succeed in ending the limit free autobahns that make Germany such a wonderful place for drivers. I remember driving along these autobahns when I was a child (well obviously I wasn’t driving, my father was), and can remember the thrill of seeing 3 Porsche 911’s blast past us at over 150mph. I can also remember how safe and well-built these roads felt, and I have long wished that we could have similar roads in the UK. However the fun-free EU has now decided that such roads are an environmental catastrophe and so need limiting. If only they would limit all the cows they subsidise, which produce more greenhouse gas (in the form of methane) than any car could possibly produce, then maybe we could drive faster again.


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