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The 12 awsomest games of 2010 March 9, 2007

Posted by Al in : clever,design,future,games , trackback

Just for one minute I am going to forgive the author the title of this piece. I will forget that the word “most” has been omitted and pretend that the word “awsomest” could actually exist in some weird mongrel version of English. Who knows, maybe by 2010 “awsomest” will be included in some Amercian dictionary. Moving on: I am willing to forgive this title because some of these game ideas are actually quite good. I would be interested in playing the DC vs Marvel Superheroes game; I would like to be a large robot tearing down building with my hands; and the idea of Killchain is completely bizarre, yet very clever and could be totally absorbing. The link at the bottom to the 10 greatest SF films that never existed is good too.


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