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A moment of clarity from the women’s side November 20, 2006

Posted by Al in : people,personal , trackback

I’m so glad to read an article like this. Not because I feel that every woman who walks around looking good is asking for it, that’s definitely not my style. However there are a lot of rape cases that you read in the papers, or see on the news, which make you wonder whether rape was really what occurred. I don’t want to comment on the many high-profile rape cases there have been which made me think that maybe the lady in question may possibly have decided to make a claim after she realised what kind of money she could get. But it’s nice to see a sensible woman point out that maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t have gone back to their place whilst drunk. Maybe you shouldn;t have worn those clothes and then decided to walk home through a rough neighbourhood. Maybe you should have stuck with you friends rather than sending them away telling them you’d be alright. Maybe you hold a little bit of responsibility for what happened after all.


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