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The best adverts of the moment October 31, 2006

Posted by Al in : clever,video , trackback

If you want to see some of the best adverts of the moment , have a look at this page. It’s little video is simple, but very well done. And the links on the page take you to some of the best adverts currently playing around the world. Worth a look, as advertising is one of the most creative genres currently active in video.


1. Arthur - October 31, 2006

These are very impressive and the creators have rather cleverly been explicit with their aim here – persuade, change, influence, but without informing as to what – the world?. Either way I find it interesting although a little discomforted by it. It is obviously a diplay of deft design and creativity but I am still left pondering over their claim that they have begun an ‘insurgence’ into advertising and marketing. This is just an instant reaction, however. I may be thinking about it too much.
A very interesting site and subject Al (psychological operations and warfare are fascinating concepts), and I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil too.