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SED – the future of TVs October 31, 2006

Posted by Al in : cool,future,invention , trackback

If you are thinking of buying a new TV in the next year, think again. Yes, LCD TVs are now relatively cheap. Yes, Plasma TVs are now cheap as well. Yes, both of these offer the true HD experience. But both LCD and Plasma will be blown away entirely by the brilliance, clarity and contrast the SED can provide. The technology itself has been proven, all that remains now is for the manufacturing processes to become streamlined and you’ll start to see SED prices fall in the same way that LCD prices have fallen over the last year. SED will be exorbitantly expensive next year, expensive but affordable the year after that and then economies of scale will kick into place as every manufacturer starts churning these screens out and by the end of 2008 they will be equivalent price to the LCD TVs you can buy today, but sooooo much better. If you are thinking of buying a new TV, why not wait and save every penny you can? SED is worth it, really. Read more here to find out why.


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