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Swedish chef borkifier July 14, 2006

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Iff yuoo’fe-a elveys vunted tu be-a eble-a tu telk joost leeke-a zee Svedeesh cheff zeen thees seete-a is perffect fur yuoo. Better thun thet thuoogh it veell teke-a uny vebseete-a (vell must unyvey es it coorrently vun’t vurk oon meene-a dooe-a tu my freme-a set up – veell stert vurkeeng oonce-a I hefe-a redune-a my pege-a veethuoot fremes) und cunfert thet intu zee svedeesh cheff’s oovn bork feelled lungooege-a – try thees leenk und see-a. Bork Bork Bork!Blogged with Flock


1. a - November 6, 2020

It should not be so hard to understand Swedish

2. c - November 6, 2020

It should not be so hard for Google translate to understand Swedish