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More strange eBay feedback April 26, 2007

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A while ago I blogged this strange eBay feedback, unsure if the guy was strange or desperately trying to be funny. Now come more strange feedback, feedback that has much the same quality as the other. I think this is probably the same person, or was inspired by the first, and they are doing this as a long running joke. Whatever the reason, this is more strange feedback.

Use eBay? Read this November 28, 2006

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Now this is an interesting thread that helps remind people of why the Internet is great, as well as rubbish. I, personally, do not use eBay. mainly because I don’t like buying something I haven’t seen, from someone I haven’t met. There is no trust established, and I have no way of judging whether I am getting a good deal or not. However I do know a lot of people who have, and do use eBay regularly and they have no problems – unlike the people in this thread, who manage to run rings around an eBay scammer. I think this thread is worth a read as a precaution and as a proof that humanity is not yet dead.

How not to use eBay November 24, 2006

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I suppose it’s a mistake anyone could make – but as far as I am aware only this particular seller has. And I’m sure he regrets it as well! All he did was to get hold of a PS3 and stick it on eBay. He got the photographs right, he got the blurb right, he offered a great deal, he waited longer than anyone else to get this PS3 to sell. Then he went and $0.99 as the “Starting Bid”, but instead he clicked “Buy it now” by accident. I’m sure that his auction didn’t last very long at all with that kind of offer. You can have a look at it all here, and then feel sorry for Kusakay for being unable to click properly.

Strange eBay feedback September 5, 2006

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On eBay strange things occur at times. People sell the weirdest things, supply the weirdest photos, and in this case give the weirdest feedback. It would appear that this guy has a thing for any girl called Becky as well as being slightly mad.

New Life For Sale – sold for AU$7,500 March 20, 2007

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It’s not often you get a chance to bid on a completely new life, and I’m afraid you have already missed your chance for this one. However it is still interesting reading, and it still amazes me what you can sell on eBay. Have a read of what this guy’s social life entails and think whether you would have bid for it or not.

KITT is up for sale February 1, 2007

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… or at least a very good replica of the Knight Rider car is, anyway. This is another one to chalk up to someone with too much time on their hands, and what appears to be an unhealthy obsession with the ’80’s classic TV series. Nevertheless, this is an awesome replica, down to the incredibly confusing dash, and would be loads of fun to own. However it’s a little bit pricey for something that’s all looks, but no real go. If the Turbo Boost button worked, and KITT actually spoke to you, then I’d be seriously tempted to get my hair blow dried, undo some more shirt buttons and make a bid.

New lobbying reforms for US government November 12, 2006

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If ever there’s been a piece of legislation which could make you say “About time, too!” – then this is it. The Democratic House Leader, a Mrs Nancy Pelosi, has put forward a bill that aims to cut the influence of big business, or at least big bucks, on both Congress and the Senate. You can read more here and here. The proposed measures of the bill include:

Now to me these proposals seem perfectly correct, and should help reduce the influence of business upon politics. The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act should hopefully do exactly what it says it should do – the name’s good. What I can’t understand is how America let itself slip into such a terrible position in the first place. Still, let’s hope that now Bush’s people have been ousted there can be some form of honesty in government. Who knows, maybe he’ll be made accountable in the same way as well.