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What Chinese people think about Tibet protests June 29, 2008

Posted by Al in : educational,people,politics , trackback

We, in the West, are unhappy that China has effectively invaded Tibet and taken control through military force. We’re so unhappy that lots of people are boycotting the Olympic games and staging protests when the Olympic flame passes through their area, but how do the common people of China view these protests? To them hosting the Olympic games is a major event, which shows that they have matured and become part of the world, rather than being sequestered as they were under the old Communist regime. So to have the UK, France and other European countries assault that Olympic flame, literally in some cases, is an assault against China itself.

Furthermore, the Western states are engaging in hypocrisy of the greatest extreme, when they protest against China’s annexation of Tibet. Firstly there is substantial claim for Tibet having been part of China for more than half of its existence – almost 1,000 years of Chinese rule in the past 2,00 years. Secondly the US and its allies are still occupying Iraq and Afghanistan without any protests, and this despite these countries not neighbouring any of the occupying countries, and also there is no prior claim to this occupation. Yes, we mean to do well in both situations, but then so does China with Tibet. In the eyes of many Chinese, Tibetans would be better off under Chinese rule – better jobs, education and better social care, which wouldn’t be hard to provide as Tibet didn’t have the highest standard of living before China invaded.

Currently the UK, US and Europe risk alienating the rest of the world: we are currently winding up the majority of the Muslim world by continuing to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan, support Israel and with our threats to invade Iran; we are helping to maintain the problems in Africa; South America is a mess due to the US support of anti-communist force; and now we are picking on China and ruining its hosting of the Olympic games which Chinese people see as proof of their acceptance in the world today.If we alienate the Far East as well then it is possible that we may see new alliances and power balances over the next few years that will see Europe and the US seriously regret not embracing China – warts and all.


1. tenzin rangdol - July 14, 2008

tibetans are good,kind,intelligent and non violent so they protest agints chinese because independence is for the people by the people for the people

2. Al - July 14, 2008

You’re right – Tibetans probably are good, kind, intelligent and non-violent, but that might be a little generalist as I’m sure there are some bad, mean, stupid and violent Tibetans as well. They would not be human if there wasn’t a spread of all types of human characteristics throughout their population.

However, the purpose of this post was to point out to the Western world that their protests (and not the protests of the Tibetans themselves) were causing resentment within China. Many Chinese are against the occupation of Tibet, but the majority see it as right and OK – in the same way that many Western nations see the occupation of Afghanistan as right and OK, whilst some people would protest against that. It’s the hypocrisy of the Western world that riles the Chinese people, along with a rising sense of national pride being irked by this criticism.

I’m not that keen on the Chinese controlling Tibet, but the occupation and rule so far has been a lot better than the way the West have treated Iraq, Afghanistan and even Palestine.

3. Hassan - May 15, 2009

The Western worlds is shit that not even worth the dirt on my feel.