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Girl with 8 limbs November 10, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre,medical , trackback

You have to feel sorry for this young girl, but she seems to be quite happy in the one photograph of her in this article – which is strange when you look at the X-ray that is included. She has a headless parasitic twin attached to her by her spine, and she is still young enough not to care. What’s lucky is that she was born into a Hindu family, who immediately considered her blessed, rather than cursed, to have so many limbs. Even luckier, Dr Patil visited her village just after she was born, and has arranged for her to have the surgery required to remove this abnormality, and so allow her to lead an ordinary life later. I wish her luck.


1. Al - November 11, 2007

As an update to this: the young girl in question has now had her operation to remove her excess limbs, and it was a success. I wish her all the best for her more normal future.
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