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A new take on rising obesity July 15, 2007

Posted by Al in : educational,food , trackback

It seems that almost every week there is someone coming up with a new theory on why we’re all getting fatter, and what to do about it. Well, here’s another theory on the matter which seems very credible to me. It appears to have solid scientific grounding, will anger the food manufacturers enough to be almost an announcement of a conspiracy, and also helps explain why I never have enough energy to exercise these days, whereas when my job kept me active I was thin and happy to exercise.

Exercise, it turns out, is one part of the puzzle. Exercise is good for you not because it burns calories – the most calories you’ll burn by exercising is around 300 an hour, and that’s for some serious, full on exercise. You’d never be able to burn off the excess calories most of us eat by exercising. However, this article points out that exercise heightens the body’s sensitivity to Insulin, and Insulin might well be the key to overeating, and to feeling drained and lethargic. So exercise helps, but it’s possible that another culprit is more likely the reason for our overindulgence, and that is Fructose. Have a red to see why this seemingly good sugar is actually bad for you, and then decide whether you want to continue eating a diet with lots of Fructose in it. I’m going to be more careful of the ingredients in my food in future – I may give up on the diet meals, as I believe they tend to use Fructose as a sweetener, and I’ll stick to as natural ingredients as I can.


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