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The truth about Iraq June 21, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

Just read this article, whether you are American or not, and then consider the last 5 (almost 6) years. of foreign policy regarding the Middle East.. Should we be in Iraq, should we be interfering at all? Are our lines good enough, and do we have enough staff? How many lies and treasons lie behind the invasion and occupation of Iraq?

I could go on, but it’s probably better if you just read this list of reasons why Iraq has become the mess that it is now.


1. David Pearce - June 23, 2007

Should we be in Iraq? What were our reasons to go in there in the first place? Weapons of mass distruction wasn’t it? Have we found any? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore our entire pretext for going to war with Saddam was wrong, our occupation is wrong and our predictions for ending the situation in Iraq will always be wrong as long as our forces are occupying the country. Why are we there? We are there because of Oil. Its as simple as that. Saddam wanted and indeed started to sell oil in euros and America wadded in. Why? Because before anyone can buy oil they have to buy dollars first as oil is normally sold in dollars. This keeps America afloat and bolsters their failing ecconomy. When Bagdad was occupied what did they secure first? The hospitals? The schools? The orphans? No!!! The f**king oil fields. Follow the money and you will get to the answer to anything as far as the governments are concerned.