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Hong Kong lead in Bible censorship May 17, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,politics , trackback

This makes perfect sense, and I’m so glad that Hong Kong is leading the way here, as I love that city. There has been a recent outcry in Hong Kong after a column in a student magazine, which discussed incest and bestiality, was declared indecent. Nearly 1,000 people have written to the Hong Kong government to point out that the Bible carries far more incest and bestiality than that column, and so the Bible should also be declared indecent. If this happens only those over 18 would be allowed to buy the Bible, and it would have to be sold in sealed wrappers containing a statutory notice of it’s indecent content. If the rest of the world can come to it’s senses, and also enforce such a condition, then we might see less religious stress in the world.


1. Your brother! - May 17, 2007

it’s = it is/it has
its = (belonging to it)

dumb ugly long-haired cunt

2. Al - May 19, 2007

Damn! Caught out in a grammatical/punctuation error!
Stupid “it” having to be different from almost all other nouns, including most possessive nouns. Unfortunately, I find adding the apostrophe an automatic reflex, and I often fail to catch myself when dealing with “it”, and sometimes “your”.

Also, I’m not sure where the “long-haired” bit came from – this is probably a bit harsh. Have you not seen my photo?