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The end is nigh for NeoCons? May 14, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

Here’s an interesting article from The Guardian on how the end of the NeoConservative movement is approaching. I hope that this “perfect storm” is really approaching, and that Americans will finally stand up and admit that they have been wrong, and that they are willing to make amends to the rest of the world. I also hope that the British government will finally realise that there is more to gain from standing up to the US than would be gained by blindly supporting American policies. Speaking as a Conservative at heart (although I vote LibDem these days), I also hope that the rest of the world can stop using America as a role model, and start to concentrate on their own citizens’ wants and concerns. Maybe, one day soon, we will see the rise of political parties that actually represent the needs of their electorate.


1. mullah cimoc - May 14, 2007

mullah cimoc say him warning ameriki people in 2003 when bush the invading iraq.

mullah cimoc then tell all ameriki saying please to reading the books of him chairman mao tse tung on guerilla warfare strategies and tactical.

mullah cimoc say in 2003 him insurgent running the enrage the bear tactical.

bear so ferocious, but running to and fro and the lunging to and fro, finally getting tired and the weaker and finally after the tormenting after the exhaustion him wanting to be killed just for ending the suffering.

this usa now in iraq. so the weaken, now the guerilla more aggressive but still the so careful. the bear still roar but hearing now the weakness.

in this time now all muslim knowing that in new iraq only him who killing so many ameriki soldier having the status and the power.

the collaborator him to die and all the family too, unless so torture by ameriki.

only one kind of the voting to count in new iraq. this ballot him calling the body bag containing the ameirki soldier ballot. if not have the this ballot, not having him vote.

this new man in new iraq him true warrior face every day adversity. him only man with political power in new iraq.

for this reason now the killing for starting so much against ameriki soldier. the wife telling the husband, “Omar, you needing for killing three ameriki now so our children him going the college and have good job in new iraq”. Also, “you not my husband if not killing ameriki soldier.”

this new kind of gold rush, but this rush him calling this the rush for kill ameriki soldier.