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Maddox gets it right about Mac users May 1, 2007

Posted by Al in : computers,interesting , trackback

I’d hate for you to think I’ve got anything against Macs, because I rather like them, really. However, their users can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, as they preach about how great their Mac is (and by inference, how crap your PC is). So it’s nice to see Maddox doing his stuff in a laid back way, and knocking Apple without upsetting too many people..


1. Justyn - May 1, 2007

The big difference between mac users and PC users is that pc users never stop flaming well going on about it.
I know you have a thing about macs Al but it’s getting old now.

2. Al - May 1, 2007

You know I love Macs really, deep down. I just wish they had 2 buttons on their mouses, and I could afford one.

3. justyn - May 2, 2007

macs do have 2 buttons now.

4. Arthur - May 2, 2007

My Mac has several buttons and a hood.

5. Shut up, David Pogue - May 14, 2009

Some Mac users are like missionaries. Always going on and on about Macs, and how they’re “industrially designed” and how they will save your soul. News flash, no one likes missionaries. I wish they’d just shut up about their stupid religion and leave me in peace.