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Ultimate Sashimi April 30, 2007

Posted by Al in : food,video,weird , trackback

When I was in Hong Kong last year we met up with one of Winnie’s friends, Anita, who is an accountant for a restaurant chain. Winnie told her I liked Sushi, so she arranged for us to go to a proper Japanese restaurant and sample some proper Japanese specialities. I wish I could remember where the restaurant was – all I can remember was it was in another fantastic shopping mall with a fountain and bridge in the main atrium. Anyway, the first dish that was placed in front of us was Sashimi served in a dish of shaved ice, and you could tell it was fresh as the fish the Sashimi had been cut from was presented in the dish as well. You had a head and tail of the fish, with the mouth of the fish still moving. It was very tasty.

This video goes one better as the fish is still swimming at the end, although probably not for very much longer. Sashimi – you can’t get fresher!


1. Richard - April 30, 2007

O.o Holy…….

As much as I love sushi, I don’t know how I would feel about that… >_