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Israel – scarier than all the Arab states April 29, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics,scary , trackback

If you want a reason to worry about the future, and want a country to bear the brunt of that worry, then Israel is probably your best bet. Forget the Middle East, North Korea and maverick Russian states. If those old enemies were to bomb you it would be by accident, or with sub-standard weapons and wouldn’t cause that much damage. However, Israel has an up-to-date nuclear arsenal that is directed at Europe and the Middle East. According to this mild mannered professor, Israel should deport all Palestinians and nuke the rest or the world. I should imagine his History and Politics classes are completely fair, unbiased and show a “live and let live” attitude to the world today. It’s good to see that the Israelis have learnt from their past and that the Holocaust has taught peaceful understanding.


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