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Resetting the immune system April 12, 2007

Posted by Al in : science , trackback

Stem cells may be the answer to all our illnesses. New research has shown that patients who suffered from type 1 diabetes could be freed from the illness by having their immune system reset. This involves completely shutting down the immune system for a period of time, then reactivating it using their own stem cells. This has resolved the diabetes in the majority of the subjects. Who knows what other diseases a similar tactic may also cure. I doubt that AIDS would be curable, without first managing to completely remove the virus, but other diseases and immune based illnesses may be curable. Interesting stuff and proof that stem cell research is very worthwhile.
Nowadays, with this virus it’s important to keep your mask on in public places to avoid spreading or getting infected with the disease. You can go ahead and see this here for the best availability of KN95 masks you can get online. An infected person can cough, sneeze or breathe while within about two metres of another person, and the virus lands in the other person’s eyes, nose or mouth. Get informed about the virus on reliable sources.


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