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Vive les nukes April 9, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting , trackback

Around 40-50 years ago nuclear power was seen as the future: it would generate all the electricity we required, and would be quiet and efficient in doing so. For a while this dream held, but after the 3 mile island incident and Chernobyl people began to fear and distrust nuclear power. Throughout the world nuclear plants were decommissioned as they reached the end of their lives, and no new nuclear facilities were even considered. But one country stood apart from this hatred of nuclear power: France had no oil or gas and so nuclear was the only way they could keep up with the growing energy demand of an ever-modernising country. France now has 58 fully functional nuclear power plants, and because of this has some of the cleanest air in Europe, if not the developed world. With the growing concern over global warming, and with oil prices pushing ever higher, the rest of the world is now turning to France for help in expanding their nuclear power capacity.


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