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Brass Goggles – lighthearted steampunk April 9, 2007

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Every now and then you find something you never knew you were looking for, and in this case it’s a perfect website for me. I am rather partial to the whole steampunk scene: I rate “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson as one of the finest books I have read, and “The Difference Engine” by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling is also very good. Moving away from books I also like the whole Victorian theme, and there’s something peculiarly British about longing for the sun never to have set on the Empire, but for us to have continued our rampant technological expansion into an age of steam powered computers, rocket propelled airships and massive steel steamships. If it weren’t for the two World Wars the world would be a far different place today, and if Babbage’s difference engine had had a little bit of luck and funding, then who knows what might have become of us all. It’s a strong possibility that we would be living in a world which had higher moral standards, more respect for authority and an awful lot more soot in the air. Whether this would have been a good thing is something we’ll never know.

Anyway back to the site that inspired that last little outburst: Brass Goggles is a neatly laid out, well designed site that offers lots of articles on steampunk. It’s not often that a jaded web addict, such as myself, actually finds a site and then settles down to read the entire of the first couple of pages. There’s a load of good stuff that I would normally post, but instead I recommend you pay Brass Goggles a visit instead – it’s worth it.


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