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Windows is the most secure OS March 27, 2007

Posted by Al in : computers , trackback

I guess nobody ever really expected that kind of headline, especially from Symantec who had a big falling out with Microsoft last year. However in a recent survey Microsoft had less vulnerabilities than other operating systems, and also responded to any such issues the quickest. Being such a huges target means that Microsoft need to be able to react this quickly, and they probably spend more than any other company on investigating security issues within their products and closing any loopholes before they can be exploited.

It might be worth noting that being this large target for attack, and so the amount of redundancy and protection Microsoft need to build in to their server, makes their site probably the best place on the Internet to test your connection speed with. Download any of their freely available files and check the transfer rate to get a reliable guide to how good your Internet connection is.


1. justyn - March 29, 2007

Does anyone actually believe that xp is more secure than linux and osx?
I’ve heard some nonsense in my time but this takes the biscuit.

2. David Pearce - June 23, 2007

Oh my god. How many windows updates do you have installed on your pc. linux and OS X are far and away more secure than XP which is more of a front end to dos than anything else. It is known that OS X is FAR MORE SECURE AND STABLE THAN WINDOWS or to be frank what would the point be to buying a mac in the first place. OS X is renowned for its stability, Windows is renowened for being able to walk into it as long as you know what you are doing. As a windows user moving away to the mac (and not being a smug know it all) I have to say that OSX is a joy to use and unlike windows dosen’t feel like the OS is picking a fight with you all the time.