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Huge DNS attack goes virtually unnoticed February 8, 2007

Posted by Al in : Internet , trackback

This is a great testament to the resiliency of the Internet, and to it’s original design brief really. After all ARPANET was designed to keep operating if one, or more, of it’s nodes was rendered useless. As the Internet has grown there has not always been this resilience and in the recent past there have been some major attacks which have brought Internet traffic almost to a halt. However the modern Internet is slowly regaining it strength and although this attack on 3 of the 13 root DNS servers was large scale and definitely impacted their ability to perform, the other 10 DNS servers carried on working, and absorbed the workload of the 3 stricken servers. The majority of the user of the Internet never even noticed a thing, but attacks such as these might be designed to strengthen the case for the control of the Internet to be devolved further from the USA. All 3 DNS servers attacked were US servers, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some further attacks in the near future before the next round of Internet control negotiations.


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