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Militant buddhists want to wipe out Christians January 22, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics,travel,weird , trackback

Burma is not a place I think of much, but when I do I picture peaceful Buddhists tending yaks and going about a pleasant bucolic existence. I certainly don’t picture them actively harassing, and victimising Christians. You wouldn’t expect this from any Buddhist, but it’s entirely possible the country’s rulers, a military junta, are not really Buddhist. However they do want the entire country to be uniformly Buddhist, possibly because they would then have less chance of any kind of revolt. I’ve just done some quick reseach on Burma only to find out that it is actually a tropical country (so yaks would only be found in the North) and it’s only real source of income is narcotics such as opium. It does appear to be a completely unkown place, and not one I plan to visit any time soon.


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