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Giant rabbits to feed North Korea January 20, 2007

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North Korea is yet another of thoses really successful peoples’ republics – where I’m certain the higher tiers of government and business don’t struggle to enjoy life, but where the average member of the public is close to starving at all times. At least the government is actually aware of this issue, rather than being in denial, and has decided to try to breed giant rabbits to feed their population. Sounds stupid, but rabbits breed like rabbits; and these rabbits are up to 10kg in weight already, which is enough rabbit meat to feed 8 people. Once they get a breeding population up to size (so to speak) then all they need is grass, or waste vegetable mass, and the rabbits will keep feeding them. Good idea, I think. Rabbit is a tasty meat as well – particularly in a stew.


1. Alonline » A trip to the North/South Korean border - January 22, 2007

[…] This is an interesting article which has a good little story, well told, and also give some useful background on the situation between North and South Korea. South Korea is now a fierce tiger economy, and one of the most technologically advanced nations on Earth, whereas North korea is struggling to feed it’s population (see my earlier article on them buying super rabbits as a wonder food), and the ongoing conflict between the two nations is not likely to end any time soon. It’s bizarre to think that South Korea keeps on living it’s life as normal when there is a militant, communist nuclear super power intent on regaining it to reunite the Korean nation, just 50km from it’s most populous city. I’ve never particularly fancied visiting North or South Korea, and this article doesn’t help to change my mind. […]