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How do aeroplanes fly? With a little magic January 1, 2007

Posted by Al in : educational,interesting,science,travel , trackback

Aren’t coincidences great? I was watching TV just the other day when the presenter mentioned, in passing, that we still don’t really know how aeroplanes fly. This got me thinking, as I’m sure I’ve seen material which shows that it’s actually the lower air pressure above the wing that causes lift. I determined to find out what’s going on with flight, and then forgot all about it – up until I stumbled across this informative article today. I now know that we really don’t know quite what keeps aeroplanes aloft, although Angle of Attack and lower pressure above the wing contribute. All we know is that wings, in their current form, work very well and provide all the lift required to get 400 tonnes of jumbo to 5 miles in height, and then keep it there for over 12 hours – where their entire lifting capacity comes from is unkown, and there is no difference from unkown and magic.


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