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How old is the Grand Canyon? No Comment December 29, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics,science , trackback

America is still ludicrously refusing to believe in science, particularly when it might disagree with Christian fundamentalists. The Bush administration recently decided they would like to review all scientific research taking place within the USA, probably to make sure that no inconvenient facts were discovered, or virgin birth wasn’t proved to be impossible. However they started this battle against reason nearly 2 years ago when they approved a book to be sold in National Park stores which put forward the idea that the Grand Canyon was created during the great flood only a few thousand years ago. This made the news at the time, but the fuss was calmed down by the promise of a high-level review of NPS policy on it’s attitude to science and religion. Unsurprisingly this review never took place, and now National Park rangers are not allowed to comment on how old the Grand Canyon is, or how it was created, for fear of upsetting “good christian folk”. It looks as though America is not content to just throw their economy away, they also plan to throw away any lead they may have in scientific fields as well – all the better for the rest of the world.


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