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Firefly to become a MMORPG December 9, 2006

Posted by Al in : games,SF , trackback

I’m not sure whether I like this idea or not, however it may be an interesting way of keeping Firefly alive. Fox Licensing have just sold the rights to make a MMRPG based on the Firefly universe. I’d much rather see a new TV series, but it might be interesting to play a game where you can have Wild West locations sitting comfortably alongside high tech SF locations. But I’d still rather have a new TV series, even thought there would be no Wash or Book. Still the game would keep the idea alive – but I’d still rather have a new TV series.

I’m not sure if I got my desires over in the last paragraph, so here I go again: I’D RATHER HAVE A NEW TV SERIES OF FIREFLY.


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