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Unusual Hotels of the World December 7, 2006

Posted by Al in : bizarre,design,website , trackback

After my previous post on strange Russian architecture, I decided to try and find the “Hotel Friendship” to see if I could see any more views, and also to find out how much it costs to stay there. I failed to find any more information on this hotel, and having looked at all coastal hotels in Ukraine I have decided that although the Crimean beaches are a lovely place to visit, none seem to sport such wonderful architecture as the “Hotel Friendship”. I was sorely disappointed, and will try searching again, but I did come across this vaguely interesting website. A bit more content and it would be worth a look next time you’re thinking of traveling, however as it stands, with only 15 hotels listed, it is not really worth a look. Apart, that is, from the Beagle hotel listed – who on earth would build a 2 storey Beagle as a hotel?


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