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A wearable fruit fly farm. Why? November 25, 2006

Posted by Al in : art,bizarre , trackback

I sometimes get very confused the difference between what I would call art and what some artists call art. To me art is supposed to be attractive, to be representative of some thing or some ideal, and is supposed to make the viewer experience some form of emotion. Therefore this very strange idea, of carrying a transparent perspex ball filled with rotten fruit around with you, does not really qualify as art. Its is not attractive, except to the fruit flies, it is not representative of any thing or any ideal that I can picture, and it doesn’t stir any emotion in me at all. So quite why anyone would want to carry annoying fruit flies around with them, I’m not sure. Why they would want to be able to get a cameraphone picture of the flies within this “farm” is beyond me. And the intention of the artisit also passes me by. Never mind, I’m sure that lots of arty types are suitably impressed with this radical new idea.


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