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2 kids, 1 S4, and an awful lot of blue tape November 18, 2006

Posted by Al in : motoring,travel,weird , trackback

This is another of those strange stories you find all across the Internet. 2 young kids get to drive an Audi S4 across a good chunk of America. So they decide to change the colour of the car by taping it all over in blue tape – as you would. The result is not that funny, but I rather liked the story and the pictures. Here’s a view of the real America, and once again I am eternally grateful not to have been born there. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with being born there – I’m just glad that 30ft fibre-glass models of cowboys don’t attract me to bars, and that I don’t have an obsession with artificial cows. If it’s any consolation I am also glad I was not born in Milton Keynes.


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