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Why poor countries are staying poor November 11, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

The answer is so simple you’ll be amazed. Poor countries stay poor because their governments, and mainly their presidents, rob them blind. And who will stop this? No-one. Not a single country in the world would be willing to commit the resources that would be required to prevent this thievery from happening. This article is very good and gives a concrete example of Cameroon, where the president always gets 90% of the vote, even while he is bleeding the country dry. And, amazingly enough, the president of Equatorial Guinea also gets 97% of the vote, when his son had $50 Million worth of property and a playboy lifestyle. Instead of invading Iraq and Afghanistan, the US should help the UN to prevent this type of humongous fraud. It would be nice if some of these people had a chance to better themselves an their country.


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