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"No" to Caucasian Club is unfair November 10, 2006

Posted by Al in : educational,politics , trackback

A 15-year old girl in California tried to set up a Caucasian Club in her high school, to help study and promote American’s with European heritage. This has caused massive outcries of racism and stirred many people into protest, despite the fact that the school allows a Latin American Club, the Asian American Club and a Black American Club. The school appears to have sided with these protesters and given her no help at all with the club, which smacks of reverse racism to me. The whole things about racism is that people are not given equal opportunities and are looked down upon – which is exactly what is happening to this young lady. I, personally, would prefer her not to have such a club, as it limits the intake and can cause segregation – which is exactly what the other clubs do as well. If all the Latin Americans spend time hanging out together in their club, then how are they going to socialise and integrate with the non-Latin Americans? The same of course applies to any other club which paces limitations on it’s members – the school should therefore ban all these clubs and only allow clubs based upon interests, not on the colour of your skin, or your heritage.

On a side note – why is there a MOBO award ceremony every year, but no matching MOWO ceremony? How do you think people would react if you suggested forming an organisation which limited it’s awards to music that was of white origin only? I think you would be accused of all kinds of confrontational and racist behaviour, yet the MOBO’s are applauded as non-racist. Here’s a hint – the clue is in the title, ladies and gentlemen. Do you not think that Music Of BLACK Origin smacks of racism?


1. Arthur - November 11, 2006

Another interesting topic Al.
Personally, I would like to see the eradication of all separatist groups but I can understand the reasons behind the development of some over others.
I’m referring to groups that have played a part in making radical changes to the way the West, specifically the USA and the UK ( there are plenty of others I know), understands and treats those of non European origin. I’m not sure if African Americans or Native Americans would have much access to their historical past if certain pressure groups in the past had not fought so hard for it. I think we still have a long way to go but divisive ethnic or heritage groups will not provide a solution, especially today when access to information is so readily available (although this depends upon which country you happen to live in). I think this can only come about through rational discourse and education.
I definitely feel, however, that everybody should be given a chance to voice their opinions whether on race, religion etc.
When certain controversial opinions are ‘brushed under the carpet’ this can only lead to misunderstanding and a breakdown of communication, thus accentuating (in a negative way – differences are not necessarily negative) the differences between members of the human race rather than the similarities.
I recently watched a documentary on White Supremacist musical artists and felt as watching it that this stuff should not be hidden from the public. These people actually had adopted a sense of alienation and exclusivity which reinforced their (in my opinion) repugnant and ignorant views of the world. I do understand, however, why certain people want to brush these these particular radicals under the carpet!

Are the Mobo awards racist? Probably, but not intentionally I feel. I need to think about that one a bit more. I’m pretty sure they have been in trouble for promoting homophobic artists.