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China to push IPv6 on the rest of the world September 25, 2006

Posted by Al in : future,Internet , trackback

Watch out world China is coming through. Next year China plans to push their economy away from manufacturing and toward technology and Intellectual Property. Whilst doing so they also plan to upgrade their Internet structure, which is currently the fastest growing in the world, to IPv6. In doing so they will be daring what the rest of the Internet knows is needed but has always been afraid to try. A good description of IPv6 is:


IPv6 is like a nuclear arsenal… we need to have people working on it, we’ll get lots of useful spin-off technologies that will make their way into mainline industries, its threatening menace will tend to keep us cool-headed and rational about what we’re doing with conventional technology [IPv4]….
..but if you ever actually get to the point where you need to deploy it, you’re in deep trouble and it’s going to be really ugly for a long time before things ever gets back to normal again.

According to Wikipedia the US Government has already declared that it’s Internet service need to be IPv6 by 2008, the trouble is all the major ISP’s are afraid to make this kind of huge changeover as it will undoubtedly have some effect on their customers, let alone on their technical support.


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