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The Iraqi war will bankrupt America August 14, 2006

Posted by Al in : personal,website , trackback

Looks like America is soon going to be feeling the pinch from it’s ongoing presence in Iraq. The US National Guard is now $23 Billion in debt and the Army is looking for around $17 Billion now and an additional $12 to $13 Billion per year for 2 to 3 years after leaving Iraq to get themselve back in shape. I wonder how all this compares to their opponents who will mainly be using AK47s and 20 yeard old RPGs – I reckon their expenditure is in the order of $17 thousand dollars in comparison. Anyway with America still not paying the taxes they ought to, and with the trade deficit gradually widening it won’t be long before America really starts to feel the strain and discovers that the Good Ole Days are over for good.


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